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We meet in HePing Baptist Church’s building, near the Culture Center, each Sunday at 4pm.

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When you come to New Life Bilingual Church in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, you will find a healthy mix of Taiwanese and expatriates. You will find maturing Christians, new Christians, and people who are seeking to know more about what it means to be a Christian. You will find students, young professionals, singles, families and people of all ages. We’d love to have you come be a part of us each Sunday afternoon at 4pm. 當你來到新生命雙語教會時,你會發現這裡是個有台灣人也有外籍人士的健全組合。你也會發覺我們有成熟的基督徒、剛信主的基督徒,以及一些想要更多認識與了解基督教信仰的朋友在我們當中。你也會看到許多學生、社會青少年、單身的朋友、有家庭的以及各年齡層的人。