Easter 2011 Baptisms: Sharon

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Easter 2011 Baptisms: Sharon

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Sharon will be baptized on Easter Sunday.  This is her testimony.

My life before I trusted Jesus
Before I trusted in Jesus, I was a sinner.  I had made so many mistakes that caused me to lose everything and everyone I love.  I couldn’t find my direction and didn’t know where my life is going. I felt so alone, helpless and there is no one to help me.  I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and started to get very sick.  I felt I had hit the rock bottom of my life. So much pain, sorrow, and regrets that I feel my life had come to an end.

What led me to trust in Jesus
A friend of mine gave me a Bible and told me to trust God.  He told me God is the only one that can save and help me and lead me to a better and peaceful life.  I didn’t believe at first because I couldn’t understand why God can love a sinner like me.  One night I was feeling so sad and depress that I felt that I was going crazy.  I didn’t know what to do than I saw the Bible on my desk, I picked it up and started to read it.  I was so touched with what I read and decided that I want to get to know God and Jesus more.  I wanted to attend church but I couldn’t find one that I feel comfortable to go.  So, I begin to pray and asking God and Jesus to help me.  Two weeks later, I found New Life and met Mike and Carolyn.  Mike told me that “God loves us so much that he gave us his only son that die for us and use his blood wash away all our sins.  Regardless of what we did before if we repent our sins to God will still forgive and love us”.  I was so surprised and touched by this and I decided that I want to get to know God and Jesus more and I want them to be in my life.

The impact of trusting in Jesus in my life
I started to go to the New Life every Sunday and I felt so peaceful every time when I was there.  I also felt my pains and sorrows were been lifted by God’s love and my heart just feel lighter and lighter.  I don’t feel as depress anymore and I started to get better and feel better physically and emotionally.  I can feel and see there is still hope in life and I’m not alone because God will always be with me.


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