Couples Group and Church Wide Outreach!

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Couples Group and Church Wide Outreach!

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We hope you are having a good week at work, at home and in your relationship with God. Recently at New Life we have said goodbye to some great brothers and sisters. Their influence is going to continue wherever they live and I encourage you to pray for them as they transition to new jobs, ministries, and schools.

We are excited about the many new friends we are meeting at New Life. You guys do a great job welcoming guests and I encourage you to continue that. One person mentioned to me recently that they had never felt so welcome as they did at New Life.

In the next couple of weeks, we have some exciting events coming up. We hope you can be involved.

Couples Night


This month’s couples meeting will be at Greg and Johanne’s home this Saturday, October 25, at 6pm. We will enjoy a barbecue meal cooked by Greg, a South African and reportedly quite good at grilling. To make the night a success, everyone is encouraged to BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat/Fish). Also, if you want, please bring a side dish to share.
這個月的夫婦小組的聚會將在10月25日(週六)晚上6:00於Greg and Johanne的家中舉行。我們將會享受Greg位我們預備的南非式的烤肉,據說是非常的美味唷!為了使當天晚上的聚會順利進行,鼓勵大家BYOM(攜帶各自要燒烤的肉/魚)。此外,如果你想要帶一道配菜與大家分享也非常歡迎。

New Life Outreach

We are excited to announce that the last Saturday of October will be a church-wide opportunity to reach out to our community. On October 29, 2011, we will meet at 2:30pm in the Upper Room (conference room behind the church’s building). We will first review and practice how to share the Gospel, and then we will leave together to go to Yuansu Square near Central Park.

This Sunday, Oct. 23rd, Lawrance Wu will go over how to use an evangelistic tool to easily share the Gospel in the Sunday Night Small Group. We welcome you to come during this time to be trained.

Even if you’ve never shared the Gospel like this ever before and even if you can’t join the training time this coming Sunday, we invite you to join us and shine your light in Kaohsiung City so that others can know of God’s amazing love and saving grace.

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