A Milestone 一個里程碑

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A Milestone 一個里程碑

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Wow~ It’s been a while!

Since we last posted till now, lots has happened.
自從上次發表文章到現在 發生很多事.

We celebrated Jesus’ birth and New Life Bilingual’s Third Birthday.
我們慶祝了耶穌的誕生 和新生命雙語教會的第三個生日.

We’ve also gone out and shared in the community five times.

We’ve shared testimonies of God in our lives as a church twice.

February 19 was a milestone for New Life—we celebrated our 3rd anniversary as a church. When a small group of us met during the fall of 2008, we had dreams of starting a church that would change our lives and the lives of the lost and un-churched. Thank God we have seen those dreams fulfilled in some wonderful ways. That night I saw people who first came to New Life because they wanted to improve their English; but who later placed their faith in Jesus and now are growing as Christians and telling others about Jesus. In addition, I saw people who once had lacked confidence that God could use them; now they are serving as small group leaders and in other important ways.We’ve received many visitors 🙂
2月19日我們也接待了許多第一次來我們教會的人對新生命雙語教會來說 是一個里程碑。身為教堂,我們慶祝了我們的三週年紀念日。2008年秋天 我們一群人聚在一起,我們有夢想建立一個會改變我們生命的教會 和改變那些還不認識耶穌 或知道教會的人 的生命。感謝上帝我們看到這些夢想精彩的實現。那晚,我看到 本來來新生命是想提伸自己英語能力的人,但後來相信耶穌,現在為 成長的基督徒 並和別人分享耶穌。此外,我也看到了曾缺乏相信上帝可以用他們的人 現在他們是小組組長 及其他重要服事事工。

Speaking of small groups, new groups are meeting now for youth, young women, and even in a courthouse. If you know of other opportunities to start new groups, please let us know and we will help you.

說到小組,我們有新的小組給青少年的,年輕女仕的,甚至也有在法院的。如果你知道可以組一個新的小組的機會,請讓我們知道 我們可以幫您。

Ministering at New Life has been a rewarding experience and I thank God every day for the privilege to work with some wonderful people. I am praying for you this month and please pray for me.

在新生命的服事 一直是個很獎勵的經驗。我每天感謝上帝 給予我這榮幸與這些了不起的人服事。我這個月在為您禱告,也請您為我祈禱。

Bro. Mike 牧師

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