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Hi from Ron & Sue

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We just got an email update from Rev. Ron & Sue.

我們剛收到Ron & Sue的電郵

We arrived safely, God is good, a bit tired from the flight, and the time change, but will catch up shortly.  Sue and I are so pleased to have met the folks from the church, we shall surely miss you all.  We were so blessed to be part of the church.  Now I wish we had more time to stay, 30 days just was not enough.  I am looking forward to returning again, this time possibly as a formal missionary for the church.I will be looking for a church to represent.  I will keep you informed, at the progress we make.  Of course, I will have to learn how to speak the language, so a teacher will be needed.

我們安全到達了,上帝真好,做飛機有點累還有時差。不過應該很快就沒事了。Sue和我很高興有機會認識教會裡面的人,我們會想你們的!能為教會的一部分 我們很感謝。現在我真希望 我們有時間多待一些,30天實在是不夠。我非常期待 下次能以一個 正式教會傳教身分 再回到台灣。我會找個可代表的教會。我會讓你們知道我們進展的。當然,我得學那裡的語言,我到時候需要個老師。

God Bless you all, have a wonderful Easter.


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