Marriage conference 婚姻特會

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Marriage conference 婚姻特會

From Linley and Mike Zook

Linley 和 Mike Zook 的分享

Mike and I are so thankful for the opportunity to go to the marriage conference last weekend. It has brought us closer together, and we now have a creative new tool to use in aiding our communication and understanding of each other. We both feel more connected and able to better serve each other and ultimately God.

Mike和我很蒙恩 有機會參加上週末的婚姻特會。這使我們關係更密切 而我兩現在也有個 新創意工具 來幫助我們溝通和了解彼此。我們兩個都覺得彼此更親近 也能更好的來服侍彼此 最終於 上帝。


The marriage conference was amazing. I recommend it to any couple. It really allowed Linley and I to communicate better. We already had many different methods in place, but this added an extra way for us to communicate that we had not yet been using. This is a great way to draw couples closer together and closer to God. Be sure that you take the time to make your marriage important. This is a great way to make a good marriage GREAT. Check out the next times at

婚姻特會很棒。我跟每對夫妻推薦。這特會真的使我和Linley可更好的溝通。我們本來有用許多不同的方法,但這額外新增的溝通方式,我們之前沒用過。這好的方法 可使夫妻更親近彼此 也更親近上帝。一定要用時間經營 婚姻是如此重要的。這是個很棒的方法 讓一個好的婚姻很棒。查詢之後的特會


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