Pei’s testimony 林培倫的見證

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Pei’s testimony 林培倫的見證

As an architect, I’ve dedicated my life into architectural design since I was 18 and constantly pursued the ultimate perfection as my faith. With such a core-hard determination, I earned opportunities to travel with projects crossing continentals for years. However, at certain point, in between countless professional conferences and endless office political issues, I started wondering what’s this all about. What I’m working for? … then, I was lost in the middle of nowhere.


On a regular Sunday morning, with no particular reasons, I stepped into Qi Xian Chapel. Voice from the choral immediately touched my heart and activated a wonderful journey of studying Good Book from Christians around me such as 鄧哥, 章姊, 筱梅姐, Ansy, Doris, Fan, Rachel, Kate, Mike, Carolyn, Susan, Pete and more. In the past year, little by little, I recovered the spiritual life I’ve desired to have.


I understand even though I’ve been baptized this afternoon that there are still many challenges ahead. However, with God’s blessing, there’s nothing I should be afraid of and with God’s power, I’ll be able to overcome any unknown circumstance.


To non-believers here today, it’s awesome to put yourself on the proper track with righteous faith? You won’t experience how wonderful it is until you ask for it. God bless everyone.

在這裡我想要對所有位信主的朋友說,把自己全然交託給主, 是件很迷人的事。只有你自己選擇祂,才會知神有多美好,願神賜福您。

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