Resurrection Sunday 復活節主日

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Resurrection Sunday 復活節主日

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We praise our Risen Savior Jesus Christ that we were able to celebrate Resurrection Sunday this year with two baptisms. Baptism symbolizes Christ’s burial and resurrection, and also symbolizes the new life these two believers have in Jesus Christ. As the Bible says, “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” (2 Corinthians 5-17).

我們讚美我們復活救主耶穌 讓我們今年有機會 有兩個洗禮 一起慶祝這復活主日。洗禮象徵著基督的埋葬與復活 還有象徵這兩位信徒 在基督耶穌裡的新生命。就如聖經所說的: 如果有人在基督裡,他就是新造的人,舊事已經過去,你看,都變成新的了! (歌林多後書 5:17 CNV)。

Following our worship service this past Sunday, we also “broke bread” together and shared a meal to celebrate Resurrection Sunday as a church family.  Thanks to all who brought food and to all who stayed to fellowship.  We praise the Father for giving us such a welcoming, loving Church family!

在這主曰敬拜後,我們身為一個教會大家庭一同"撥餅"和用餐來慶祝這復活主日。謝謝所有帶食物來的 和所有留下來一起團契的。我們讚美上帝 給我們個這麼熱情的教會大家庭。

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