Hi from Colby & Kathryn Wilkins 魏克倫與魏凱琳的近況

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Hi from Colby & Kathryn Wilkins 魏克倫與魏凱琳的近況

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Kat and I (Colby) have successfully finished our first semester at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida (USA). Kat is pursuing a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Biblical Studies, although since we’ve arrived she has started thinking about pursuing an M.A. in Counseling. I am pursuing a Master of Divinity to prepare for long-term ministry overseas. Our semester went well.  The Lord is teaching us both more about ourselves and our need for Jesus everyday.  So we know that we are in the right place. The Lord has blessed us with a good, gospel-centered church here where we are feeling more and more at home, however, there are many Sundays when we’ll sing a worship song we sang at New Life and Kat and I both will get sad because we miss the body there in Kaohsiung.

凱琳和我(克倫) 已經成功地完成 我們在(美國)佛羅里達州奧蘭多 改革宗神學院的第一個學期。凱琳在拿聖經研究碩士學位。但從我們回來 她開始想拿 諮商輔導碩士。我正在拿神學碩士學位 準備長期海外事奉上帝。我們學期順利。主在教導我倆 更多有關我們自己 與我們每天對耶穌的需要。因此,我們知道我們在對的地方。主賜予我們在這 有個以福音為中心的好教堂,我們覺得越來越有家的感覺。但是,有許多星期天,我們會唱到在新生命也唱到的歌,凱琳和我都感到難過。因為,我們想念在高雄的肢體。

The Lord did provide us  both with jobs at the seminary sufficient to meet our needs during the semester.  So thank you for praying! Now that the summer is here, I (Colby) am looking for part-time work during the summer. We are both working some at the seminary, but I will need to find something else to help with our income.  Please pray for the Lord’s help in finding a job for me this summer.

上帝有供應我倆 在神學院工作 足以含蓋我們學期所需。謝謝你們代禱!現在夏天到了。我(克倫)在找兼職工作。我倆都在神學院有工作。但我必須找其他工作來幫助我們的收入。請祈求上帝幫我找到暑期工作。

To our New Life family, we miss you and thank God for every remembrance of you, knowing that He who called you is able to give you joy and peace in His Son!

給我們新生命的家人: 我們想念你們,每想到你們就感謝上帝,因知祂能給 祂所差派的人在祂兒子裡的喜悅和平安!

Blessings 祝福,

Colby & Kathryn Wilkins 魏克倫與魏凱琳

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