Refocus 重新調整焦距

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Refocus 重新調整焦距

July 29, 2012 七月二十九日 

Refocus  調整焦距

II Corinthians 哥林多後書 4:16-18

Speaker 講道 : Chris Sanford

Audio Sermon 聽講道


Vs. 16 therefore. Therefore connects this verse with all of what Paul has just said, it connects it with the whole of chapter 4. Let’s take a look at what leads up to this

therefore.  4:16– 所以。所以   兩個字連結了所有保羅在第四章所講的重點。讓我們一起來研讀一下到底 “所以” 會帶領我們瞭解什麼?

I. Therefore.  所以

  • v.1 since we have been called by God Himself to minister to a lost and brokenworld. 我們被上帝呼召去服侍失喪和破碎的世界。
  • v.1 since we have received mercy (Romans 5:6,8)  我們既然蒙憐憫 (羅馬書5:6,8)。
  • v.2 since we have renounced secret and shameful ways. Since we do not adulterate the Word of God, because we do not change the message to suit thehearers, because we do not take the sting out of the Word of God that is able totransform lives  我們已經將那些暗昧可恥的事都棄了,不講上帝的道理,因為我們所傳講的不是要使人聽了悅耳,我們知道上帝的話語可以改變人的生命。
  • v.6 Since God through Christ has given us the knowledge of Himself  上帝已經藉著耶穌賜給我們有關的知識。
  • v.7 Since we have this great, matchless treasure, even in the broken vessels thatwe are, since we have this treasure that we have right here, right now  我們在此時此刻所擁有個既大又無可取代的寶物,雖然我們都是破碎的人。
  • v.12 because life is at work in us, because the very power of God is at work in our lives  因為上帝的力量在我們的生命中作工。
  • v.14 Because we know that one day we will participate in the resurrection of the righteous, because one day we will be raised to life, to never experience death again.  因為有一天我們會和其他的基督徒一同復活,將來我們再也不用經歷死亡。
  • v.15 because the grace of God is sweeping the nations as we speak, bringingmany into the Kingdom of God, all abounding to the glory of God more and more  因為上帝正用  的恩典在世界各國行大事,正在帶領許多人進入的榮耀的國  度,人數一直不斷地增加。
  • v.16 because all of this is true, it is a matter of fact,  因為以上所說的都是事實,所有的一切都是極其美好的事實,我們不需要喪膽。

II. Because all of this (vs.1-15) is glorious, because it is true, we do not lose heart.

v.16 the Christian life is not one without pain and suffering (John 16:33)  基督徒的生活並不是沒有痛苦和困難的(約翰福音16:33)。

Our outer man is,  我們的外體

  • decaying 雖然毀壞
  • growing old  我們會老。
  • Fighting our flesh  與我們的血氣爭戰。
  • Trials and troubles in this life  生命中的試和痛苦。
  • Revelation 11:18  We do not lose heart! This is how James can say in James 1:2 count it pure joy when you suffer trials of various kinds  (啓示錄11:18)我們不喪膽!      就是為什麼在雅各書1:2,雅各說:落在百般 的試中,都要以為大喜樂。

How is this possible?  當困難臨到時,我們怎麼可能會有喜樂  ?

III. Readjusting our focus.  重新調整我們的焦距。

We are renewed by God daily. He is the One renewing us.  – whatever comes our way we can go through it, because God is daily renewing us through His precious promises, and His Spirit which lives in us. Our trials are momentary, they are not going to last. There is not going to be any

comparison to the glory that is going to be ours that will last throughout eternity.Our focus is not to be on the world, or the things of the world, but upon the eternal unseen things to come. 

2 Corinthians 4:17-18                    Colossians 3:1-2

–每天我們都被上帝更新,  是唯一能更新我們的。–不管生命中發生什麼事,我們都能經歷,因為上帝每天都更新我們。靠著  寶貴的應許和聖靈住在我們裡面,我們可以面對一切。我們的苦難都是短暫的,他們不會長久存在。我們在未來得到的榮耀將會比現在所受的痛苦好得太多了。–我們的焦點不該在      個世界上或是世界上的事,我們該專注在那永恆且看不見的事物。哥林多後書4:16-18


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