Getting the Weight Off 減輕負擔

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Getting the Weight Off 減輕負擔

November 4, 2012 十一月四日 ANNOUNCEMENTS 公告, Amy Ewing’s sharing before leaving/離開前的分享.

Speaker講師 : Michael Haggard

HEBREWS 12:1 希伯來書十章一至二節

Getting the Weight Off 減輕負擔

Audio Sermon 聽講道

INTRODUCTION: We read some passages so often and hear them so often that we don’t really listen to them or understand them.  Someone has told us what they mean so often that we stop reading.


Heb 12:1-2 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.   {2}  Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.



Who is this great cloud of witnesses? 誰是這些如雲彩般圍繞我們的見證人呢?

You have most likely been told that this is all the dead people from chapter 11 watching over us.  There is no indication of this and that would be contrary to the teaching that the dead can’t communicate with us.

Most Bible versions use the world ALSO; “Now since we also are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses…”

ALSO like the people in chapter 11.  They worked their faith with people watching them.  The world is watching you.  The writer of Hebrews is saying, “Don’t mess this up.  Don’t embarrass me.” He is talking like a coach here as he uses the “race” metaphor.

大部份的聖經版本都用 “也” 這個字; 新譯版: “我們既然也有這麼多的見證人,像雲彩一樣的圍繞著我們”

也 像 希伯來書十一章所提到的人一樣,世界的人都看著他們如何在日常生活中運用計有的信心。現在這個世界都在看著你。希伯來書的作者說:他說: “不要搞砸了” “不要讓我丟臉” 在這裡他不僅以教練的口吻教導我們,他也使用 “賽跑”當做譬喻。


How do we NOT mess this up? 我們要怎麼做才會搞砸呢?

Throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.  Everyone talks about throwing off sin and they miss the fact that there are two things to get rid of here.

讓我們脫下各樣的拖累,和容易纏住我們的罪 大家經常提到要拋開罪,但是他們都忽略了事實上除了罪之外還有一件事是我們需要排除的。


Certainly, get rid of sin!  There are so many suffering from a bad life, they want to tell you how bad life has been to them.  But after a few minutes of talking I can usually point to some sin in their life that has brought them to this bad life: bad choices, bad friends, bad habits, bad addictions, bad spending, bad selfishness, etc.  That is why the writers calls it entanglement – it trips you up. But there is more to get rid of.

當 然我們要除去 我們的罪!不好的生命會帶來許多的痛苦,人們會告訴你他們活在水深火熱之中。。但是只要聽他們講話幾分鐘,就可以看出來罪是他們生命中的始作俑者; 如,錯誤的選擇,不好的朋友,壞習慣,不良嗜好,不恰當的花錢習慣,自私自利的行為,等等。那就是為什麼作者稱它為是容易纏住我們的罪。但是還有更多需要 除去的事


Throw off everything that hinders.  Not only can sin trip us up, but there are things that can hinder us, or resist us.


You probably can’t find a more offensive conversation to bring up than telling people to loose weight. I don’t mean in general, I mean specifically: “You need to loose weight.”

But that is only the obvious, the most common…  there are others: Get rid of the TV.  Stop spending time on the internet.

或許當面告訴一個人他必須減肥是最令人反感的對話。我所指的不是一般的狀況而是針對那些真的需要減肥的人說: 你需要減肥了。這個例子只是一個很明顯也最常見的例子。還有其他的例子:不要看電視了,不要再浪費時間上網了。等等

We are FREE, we can do as we please.  Yes. Too True.

BUT, an athlete in training will get rid of extra distractions.

A student cramming for a test will deprive himself of distraction.“I may want it, but I can’t have it distracting me right now.


“我有點想要這麼做,但是 我不能讓它干擾我現在正在進行的事”

Fix your eyes on Jesus.  That is more than just saying, “I want to be with Jesus.”  if you do that, He will always be this goal you can’t seem to reach.

定睛在耶穌。不只是嘴裏說 “我要和耶穌同在” 如果你真的只是這樣想,耶穌就真的只是一個你永遠無法達成的目標。


Who for the joy set before him endured the cross 他因那擺在面前的喜樂就忍受了十架

Richard Marcinco, founder of the US Navy’s Seal Team Six told his men, “You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.”  Jesus did not LIKE the cross.  Who says you have to LIKE the thing that God has asked you to do?  ITS A JOB!  ITS A BATTLE!

在耶穌忍受十架上的痛苦前,他理察·馬辛克:你不一定要喜歡你該做的工作,但你須去作它。 耶穌並不喜歡被釘住在十字架上。誰說你一定要喜歡神要你做的事呢? 神要你做的事是一份工作! 它也是征戰!


Scorning its shame. 輕看了羞辱

That means, giving the shame contempt.  How do you give contempt?  By ignoring.  Contempt of Court means you are ignoring the Judge’s orders and instructions. Jesus ignored the pain and suffering in order to reach the goal.

那代表著,輕視羞辱。如何做才能輕視羞恥呢? 就是忽略它。輕視法院代表你不在意法官的命令和指導。耶穌為了達到目地而看輕了掙扎的痛苦


And sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 坐在神寶座的右邊

It was not for no-reason that Jesus did all this.  There was a higher goal. Pain avoidance when there is a higher goal is only bringing more pain and the loss of the goal.


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