Super Typhoon Usagi and New Life’s Worship Service

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Super Typhoon Usagi and New Life’s Worship Service

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各位平安,Hi everyone,

有一些人星期天想要來新生命雙語教會參加崇拜與小組聚會,但因著天兔颱風的緣故不知教會是否依然有聚會。因為我不是氣象專家,我無法預測明天下午的天氣將是如何。有些人說明天中午過後將強風將會過去,但是驟雨將會繼續的下。 I have been asked by a number of people if we will have our worship service and small group activities tomorrow at New Life due to the typhoon. Since I am not a weatherman, I cannot predict what things will be like tomorrow afternoon. Some have said it is reported that the high winds will be gone by noon but that the rains should continue to be heavy.

各位的安全是我最關心的。我喜愛與我所親愛的弟兄姊妹聚會,但是我們更看重各位的安全。因此,在您要前往新生命雙語教會時,請先瀏覽我們的網站 或是 我們的臉書 。我們將會在此公佈當天是否有舉行聚會。此外,若高雄市政府宣佈星期天是「停止上班、停止上課」的消息,那麼我們也將會取消聚會。 My main concern is your safety. We love meeting with our brothers and sisters, but we do not want to put any of you in danger. So before you come to New Life, please go to our website: or our Facebook page: for the status of the worship service and small groups on Sunday. Also, if the Kaohsiung City Government announces a No School, No Work day then we will cancel all activities.

若您還有任何疑問,請打電話給我。我們希望可以平安的與您在明天相見,或是下個禮拜天。 願您平安! If you have questions, feel free to call. We hope we can see you tomorrow if it is safe or next Sunday. Stay dry today!

(Due to tech issues, the sermon wasn’t recorded. 因音控有問題,講道沒錄到。)

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