SHAPE 活出生命特質

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SHAPE 活出生命特質


There have been some questions recently related to the SHAPE process.  SHAPE is a tool you can use to match the way God has made you with ministry needs at New Life and in the world.  It helps you look at your life from five perspectives:

Spiritual Gifts (this includes an online assessment) 屬靈恩賜(包含線上評估表)

Heart (what you love to do) 心 (你喜歡做的事物)

Abilities 能力

Personality 個性

Experiences (spiritual, educational, vocational) 經驗 (靈命上、教育上、工作上)

Classes are the preferred way to go through the materials because it allows for learning from each other.  However, everything is here for you to work through by yourself.  You can find talks on SHAPE under Stepping Stones Series part 6 (Nov 18 and 23 services).

To start, first, read  UNWRAPPING MY GIFTS.
開始先讀  將我的恩賜拆封

Second, download and take this Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool.
然後下載再回答 屬靈恩賜測驗

Take a break. 休息一下。

Read MONITORING MY HEARTBEAT (includes ability, personality and experiences ) and write down your answers on SHAPE Personal Profile.
讀 觀察我的心跳律動 (包括能力、個性與經驗)然後將答案寫在這 塑造個人的簡介。)

After studying the materials, doing the assessments and completing the profile, you will schedule a time to meet with a trained SHAPE counselor, who will help you connect your SHAPE with ministry opportunities.  Contact us at  God’s blessings as you discover your SHAPE!
讀完這些內容與完成這些評估與”塑造個人的簡介”後,請您預約時間與我們受過”活出生命特質”的輔導員見面,他將幫您連結您”活出生命特質”與事工的機會。請聯絡我們,電郵 在了解您的生命特質過程,願上帝祝福您。

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