Easter Baptism 復活節洗禮

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Easter Baptism 復活節洗禮

Fay and Joe-2

(Left to right: Fay Chen,  Chang Chiung-Wen (Joy)

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We’re so thrilled that Fay and Joy decided to be baptized! Here are their testimonies.

陳玟妃 Fay Chen 

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fay's testimony in Chinese




















張瓊文 Chang Chiung-Wen (Joy)

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I knew of Jesus for a while, but to really know Him personally, it was about a year or so ago.

Before then, I was an atheist. I believed only in myself. I used to believe only I myself could change my own life. Therefore, I used to try very hard to get things accomplished. I worked non-stop to challenge myself. I often questioned myself, felt tired, and felt confused about my future.

I wish I could tell you since I got to know God personally, I’d not felt depressed or confused!

The truth is I still go through many many tough times in my life. I still sometimes question myself, feel tired and feel confused about my future. However, I know very clearly that I am no longer alone! I know that God is with me 247. I know He gives me wisdom and courage when I’m helpless. I know He allows me to face all the challenges, and all of this is to get me to where He has prepared me for future.

I thank Him for always being there to listen to my fear, worries and my hope for the future. Though, I often think of myself as a rebellious little sheep, I have decided that I’m coming home! I thank Him for giving me everything, not too much or little, just enough!



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