Outreach Ministry 福音分享


Outreach Ministry 福音分享

Sunday, March 30, we will have our first 5th Sunday Go Event.  We will meet for worship at 4pm, do some preparations, and then go out to a variety of public locations.  Our goal is to have fun, eat together and hopefully have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our church to them. And of course share the Good News with those who are interested. This Go event will be for the whole family.
3月30日星期天將是我們第一次辦每第五主日的”Go Event”。我們4點會聚在一起敬拜,做準備,然後去不同的公共場所。我們的目標是能一起吃喝玩樂與有機會介紹我們自己與教會。當然,也與想多了解福音的人分享。這”Go Event”適合全家大小參與。

If you’d like to know more about what we share, please visit Our Salvation, Our beliefs, and Our strategy and structure.
若您想更知道我們所分享的, 請到上帝的救恩, 我們的信仰, 和 我們的策略與組織架構.

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