Digging deeper (inductive Bible study) 深入查經班

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Digging deeper (inductive Bible study) 深入查經班

Time: Every Sun at 6ish. Length: about 1 hour
Optional: Dinner afterward
Where: At Miller Cafe on Zhongzhen and Fuxing Rd
Book Study: John (Bring pens, highlighters etc.)
facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1396439643929973/

時間:每星期日約六點, 約1小時
目前研讀: 約翰福音 (準備筆、螢光筆等。)

After reading, share your first reaction, impression, thoughts and etc. Come with questions and comments if you’d like:)  While reading, be thinking about what God’s like, who He is and what He’s passionate about. At the study, we’ll have both English and Chinese passage printed out for you to review, find the patterns, and etc. Generally, we start with a prayer, review, read the passage of the week individually, break into groups to discuss and then discuss as a group. Come join us as we dig into the Book of Life.


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