Sunday Night Singles Group 星期天晚上的社青團契


Sunday Night Singles (18 and up) Group 星期天晚上的社青團契(18歲以上)

Time/時間: 18:30-20:00

Contact/聯絡方式: Chris Cole at

We welcome you to join our group of adult singles building relationships with each other and with God.  We meet weekly on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm.  We meet in the Upper Room, located on 11F in the tall building behind the church.   After New Life’s afternoon service, many go out to get something to eat before the group meets.  We hope you will seek us out when you visit New Life.  Join our Facebook group or contact Chris for more details. We hope to see you soon!

我們歡迎您加入我們與彼此和上帝建立關係的社青團契。我們每星期天18:30在教會後方的高樓11樓會議室聚會。在下午教會禮拜結束後,許多人會在團契前,一起去買東西吃。希望你來新生命雙語教會時能來參與我們或加入我們臉書社團或聯絡 Chris  來索取更多相關訊息。 希望能看到你!

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Sunday Night small group

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