Thursday morning Bible Study 星期四早上聖經研讀

Thursday morning Bible Study 星期四早上聖經研讀

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Currently studying/ 目前研讀: James 雅各書 (Just finished studying Creation to Christ/ 剛上完創世紀至耶穌。)

A group that welcomes people of all ages that want to study the Word of God together.

一群 歡迎不同年紀 想一起學上帝話語的人。

A study for anyone whether you are a Christian or not. Come ready to learn more about God and His plan for you.

Join us every Monday morning. Hope we can see you there this week!
希望您每星期一早上 能來加入我們的聖經研讀。希望我們這星期可以看到您!

When/ 時間: 10:00-11:30 am Monday 星期一早上 10:00-11:30

Where/ 地點: City of Beauty, inside the Formosa Blvd MRT station near exit 8, 城市之光,美麗島站內,近八號入口

Contact/ 聯絡方式: Carolyn @

For more pictures, click here. 請按此來看更多圖片。


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